IAAPA - International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions is a representative body of more than 5,300 amusement-industry members. Several trade shows are held by the members who are spread out in over 100 countries around the world. Its annual IAAPA Attractions Exposition (IAE) in Orlando, Florida is acknowledged to be, in terms of the number of attendees and exhibitors, the largest amusement trade show. This IAAPA conference in Orlando offers members an insight into laws, operations, amusement trends and current industry methodologies. Another area that is focussed on is guest-and-ride-safety guidelines in conjunction with ASTM International which guides members on maintaining professional standards and a high level of amusement-industry safety benchmarks.   

IAAPA attractions include a wide range of activities. All location-based entertainment facilities comprise of aquariums, theme parks, amusement parks, arcades, museums, science centres and zoos. Apart from the amusement aspects, IAAPA also represents distributors, operators, industry equipment manufacturers, service providers and industry suppliers. 

IAAPA Awards

In 1990, the IAAPA Hall of Fame was founded to celebrate achievements as well as recognise the contributions made by select companies and individuals to the growth and development of the amusement park and complementary attractions industry. The Service Awards were started to honour members who are dedicated and have excelled in various branches of the industry.  

  • IAAPA Brass Ring Awards – The Brass Ring Awards are presented to water parks, aquariums, museums, family entertainment centres, zoos and amusement parks and suppliers from around the world. The awards are primarily to recognise excellence in games and retail, human resources, live entertainment, food and beverage, new products and exhibits. 

  • Service Awards – There are three categories of service awards, and each has its criteria for nomination.Lifetime service awards are the highest honour for IAAPA. Nominees must have been associated with the IAAPA and the industry for more than 20 years and must have held volunteer positions. He/she should be a leader and a visionary and should be known for providing guidance and support to others in the amusement industry.Outstanding service award recognises service to the attractions industry and is awarded to those who take the lead to elevate and mentor others and are dedicated to the attractions profession. They should also be committed to making a positive impact and change industry standards for the better.
    Meritorious Service award recognises dedicated IAAPA volunteers who give their time and expertise to other IAAPA members and coach and encourage others to contribute to the industry through volunteerism. Past winners at IAAPA convention have typically been a show ambassador, a presenter at events and webinars and committee member/chair.

  • IAAPA Hall of Fame – The Hall of Fame, established in 1990 is to celebrate outstanding contributions to the amusement park and attractions industry. The inductees to the Hall of Fame are chosen for making significant contributions to the industry and not for personal success alone. To be considered for the honour, nominees should have put in at least 10 years in the industry, be on the IAAPA exhibitor list and have been associated with any of the following – theme or amusement park, water park, family entertainment centre, zoo, aquarium, science centre, resort or as a supplier, manufacturer or designer. The main point is that he/she should have added value to the industry.  

Events of IAAPA

The association holds a variety of expos and shows around the world like the IAAPA Attractions Expo, the Asian Attractions Expo and the Euro Attractions show. Every IAAPA show and IAAPA expo offers informational, operational, educational, leadership and safety seminars. It also includes a visit to member amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, and family entertainment centres. Through its publication “Funworld”, IAAPA keeps its members informed about present State and Federal amusement-related laws and legislation as well as all news stories related to the industry from around the world.

IAAPA Expo 2018 Attractions

IAAPA attractions expo this year has special significance. It happens to be the 100th anniversary of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. It was in 1918 that the IAAPA began as an advocacy office and since then, has grown exponentially to become the biggest international trade association dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the global attractions industry. It is thus no wonder that the announcement of the calendar of events for IAAPA conference 2018 and IAAPA amusement expo 2018 was a much-awaited event.
The announcement came on Jan 25, 2018, at Orlando, Fla and attractions industry professionals were assured of a full year of innovative, educational and dynamic events around the world. The emphasis for members of the attractions industry is on making new connections, increasing efficiency, improving performance and making a positive impact on company bottom lines. 
Here is a list of events released for IAAPA show in 2018.

IAAPA Leadership Conference 2018 
March 6-9, 2018 
Osaka/Tokyo, Japan 

IAAPA U.S. Advocacy Days 2018
April 16-17, 2018
Washington, D.C., US

IAAPA Latin American Summit 2018
April 17-19, 2018
San Jose, Costa Rica
Post-Tour: April 19-21

IAAPA Tools of the Trade 2018: Games & Retail
June 2018 
Location: TBD

IAAPA Safety Institute
Feb. 26 – March 1, 2018
Niagara Falls, Canada 

IAAPA EMEA Spring Forum 2018
May 14-16, 2018
Dublin, Ireland

Asian Attractions Expo 2018
Hong Kong, China 
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Conference: 5-8 June 2018
Trade Show: 6-8 June 2018


IAAPA Euro 2018 Attractions Show
IAAPA 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
RAI Amsterdam
Conference: 23-27 Sept. 2018
Trade Show: 25-27 Sept. 2018


IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018
Orange County Convention Center 
IAAPA 2018 Orlando, Florida, US
Conference: Nov. 12-16, 2018
Trade Show: Nov. 13-16, 2018

IAAPA Membership

IAAPA offers four categories of memberships.


  • Manufacturer/Supplier/ Consultant – This membership is for manufacturers, suppliers and consultants of the attractions industry and is for the entire company.

  • Small/Large attraction – This IAAPA membership is for an entire facility. It includes theme parks, resorts, casinos, aquariums, museums, water parks, zoos, family entertainment centre, amusement parks, science centers and concessionaires.

  • Individual – IAAPA certification and membership for individuals is for those are actively involved in the attractions industry such as an IAAPA trade show or an IAAPA conference but not associated with a particular company.

  • Student – A student membership is for full-time or part-time students at a higher education institution.


The critical question is why should you join IAAPA and obtain its membership. It is because IAAPA will help you and your team as part of the attractions industry to improve performance, increase efficiency and enhance profitability through optimized techniques and technologies. Other aspects looked into by IAAPA that will benefit your business are safety and advocacy, education, information and expos and worldwide expos regardless of your role in the industry.  

IAAPA Services

IAAPA provides a host of services to the amusement park and attractions industry. It starts with training on every aspect of the industry and offers members facilities and opportunities to educate their personnel through videotapes, manuals, workshops, on-site seminars and webinars. Services also include institute programs such as the IAAPA Institutes for Attractions Managers and Executive Education and the IAAPA Safety Institute. The association, in partnership with the ASTM International, develops and updates rides and safety standards as well as maintenance needs for its members. The advocacy department of the IAAPA maintains a close rapport with Governments of member countries in areas of statutory rules and regulations. 


The global headquarters of non-profit organization IAAPA is in Orlando, Florida with offices in Brussels, Belgium; Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; Mexico City, Mexico, and Alexandria, Virginia, the USA. For more on IAAPA visit www.IAAPA.org.   


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