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A Comprehensive Look at Full Motion Simulation Games

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Before going into the details of the many types of full motion racing simulator for sale available in the market, it will be relevant to know what simulation video games are all about and why they have taken the world by storm.

Simulation video games signify games that closely replicate real life situations. With technological advancements and innovations, simulation games have gone beyond the realm of entertainment and are now widely used for a whole range of activities. These include training, analysis, business games, war games and role play simulation. All this is possible because there are no fixed goals of a game and the player has to respond to situations that crop up in no fixed or definite manner.

Origins of today’s motion simulator for sale

Around the mid 1980s, a number of video games were released that had the word “Simulator” in the title but were not actually simulator games as we know now. A few examples are Grand Prix Simulator, Pro Boxing Simulator and BMX Simulator. Most of these were based on their real life counterparts such as BMX racing and football which had high popularity. This ensured that people were quickly drawn to these games which soon became instant hits.

Most people credit the origins of the modern day racing simulator for sale to Will Wright and SimCity that was released in 1989 but the truth is that it goes many years before that to 1984 when the first in the genre of simulator video games Fortune Builder was released.

Subcategories of motion and racing simulator for sale

There are many categories of motion simulators that are very popular around the world especially in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Israel and Mexico and contrary to popular perception are not restricted to the most popular models of racing simulator for sale. These include –

  • Life simulation – These games depict various aspects of life forms and revolve mainly around individuals and interpersonal relationships.

  • Sports simulationThere are two aspects here. One kind of games in this niche simulates playing the sport and is usually used in training and coaching where real life situations can be replicated. The second type is where organization and strategy skills are imparted to the players. Popular sports that take help of simulator games are athletics and other team sports.

  • Others – This is a very broad category and is today used to simulate such activities as office and factory training programmes, adventure sports like deep sea diving and teaching driving skills.

Cutting edge technologies today have ensured that there is hardly any aspect of life that is not touched by simulation games.

Types of motion simulator for sale in video games

There are many video games available today that make optimum use of simulation technologies. These range from soccer to racing to war games. However, the most in demand in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Israel and Mexico is a full motion racing simulator for sale with top end features like clarity of screen and high end sound systems.

Here are a few games that have proved to be an instant hit when introduced in the market.

This is a two player game. While one will be driving a rugged but shaky 4x4 Jeep, the other will be gunning down zombies that constantly rise from the dead. This is a game that requires perfect coordination and equal contribution from both the two team members.

If you are looking for the ideal racing simulator for sale, Nitro Wheelie, a dirt bike simulation is the game for you. What gives this game an edge over others in this genre is its multi player competition. Other than this, the game offers advanced graphic engine and 3 degrees of freedom motion queuing. You can even race on various types of tracks.

Zip around the tracks on a F1 racer at 200 mph and test your driving skills on torturous tracks. Even the motions will give you a real life feeling with the bumps and the curves testing your body to the maximum. The high torque steering will give you a life like experience.

This is a deviation from the games listed before in that it does not require a racing simulator. You will be strapped on to a harness and then lowered into a pit where you have to grab as many prizes as you can before being pulled out. This is like a few other common arcade games with the harness replacing the usual metal claw.

There are many variations of this game and you can take your pick. If saving goals is your passion, opt for the Super Keeper game but if racing down the flank and scoring goals is your cup of tea, you have the Soccer 180 to keep you glued to the game. You also have the Super Dribbler, Hyper Header and the Goal Stopper. There is never a dull moment when you play the game of Soccer.

This is as much a game of skill as it is about reflexes. It is also a game that is based on advanced cutting edge technologies. There is a robot goalkeeper that has two high tech cameras as eyes that can track the puck quickly and effectively. The goalkeeper too moves accordingly and stops the puck. To score a goal the player has to shoot the puck at flashing speeds to hit the net. Few people have managed to shoot consecutive goals in this game.

Next time you look for a motion and racing simulator for sale and buy one, you know now how much you will enjoy playing the games.

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