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Get Lucrative Returns with a Family Entertainment Center Franchise

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

As the name suggests, a family entertainment center is one which provides clean and wholesome fun to all members of a family regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. This concept is growing rapidly since such a center is an ideal place to spend quality time with family members. What has made these centers so popular is the wide range of activities they provide, from arcade games to free fall rides to laser tag and more. There is never a dull moment if you troop into one such center with family in tow

What is a family entertainment center?

In a nutshell, it is a place that provides various types of entertainment options for members of a family. It is like a small scale amusement park with a marketing strategy that targets all members of a family. Though the concept of family fun centers is not new, the thought of installing specialized family entertainment center equipment really took off in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Israel and subsequently all over the globe in the 1970s.

Initially, the centers started with physical activities such as basic arcade games, rope climbing and other similar options. However, there was subsequently large scale innovations in this field and more and more advanced technologies began to be incorporated in the equipment being used in these centers. As a result, demand for family entertainment centers with high tech equipment began to grow exponentially. Manufacturers too saw opportunities in this area and began to churn out equipment with state of the art features.

Benefits of a family fun center franchise

Even though there has been high growth in this industry, family entertainment center equipment in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Mexico or for that matter anywhere else in the world do not come cheap. This machinery also requires huge investments to manufacture and cannot be taken up by any usual entrepreneur. Hence manufacturers offer franchise to willing businessmen who want to enter this field but do not have a substantial cache of funds to fall back on.

A manufacturer offers a franchisee with opportunities to start a business without facing the trials and tribulations of a startup. This is because the manufacturer already has a business plan in place for franchisees that is tried and tested and includes everything from quantum of funds to be invested to necessary marketing strategies to follow. Hence it is easy for a family entertainment center franchise to start earning handsomely from the beginning. The business model that is provided by the manufacturer guarantees success of the venture.

Virtual Reality Equipment at a family entertainment center franchise

There are a lot of possibilities for you if you open a family entertainment center franchise. The first is virtual reality games which are again the latest in modern technologies. A modern family fun center franchise in the USA or in any location around the world should have Virtual Reality games and is as close to sci-fi as you can possibly get.

There are certain things that are mandatory for a rich virtual reality experience. The first is a detailed virtual world environment that has to be explored through the video game. The second is an advanced computer system that can detect in real time all motions made by the player in case the game requires the person to move around. The hardware is such that it enables the player to navigate the environment around him/her. For a real life experience, the player has to wear a headset with mounted display of two screens and sensory gloves. The room too has to have surround speakers for that amazing 360 degree experience.

Motion simulator games at family fun center franchise

Motion simulator games as a part of family entertainment center equipment has today taken the world by storm. These are games that closely match real life situations. There is a wide range of games on offer, from war games to racing or dirt bike racing , from football and soccer to simulator cricket and basketball. Your franchise will study market conditions and recommend suitable games for you when you opt to be a franchisee.

Some of the more popular cricket and soccer simulator games are Cricket masterblaster and soccer Super Keeper. The Super Keeper game lets you challenge the world’s best robotic goalie. You can try kicking the ball at any part of the goal post but super keeper is so fast that it blocks your every shot. Masterblaster Cricket is one of the most exciting simulator cricket game – you bat against the world’s best bowlers like Wasim Akram, Brett Lee, Maling, Shane Ware and other legends. The ball actually swings and spins as in real world and your score is counted for every shot by the system. This indoor cricket simulator game was developed by God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar himself.

Opt For A Tried And Tested Family Entertainment Center Franchise

When you decide to take up a family fun center franchise, you should always choose a manufacturer that has already made a mark in this field and have a number of successful self owned centers or franchisees with them. This is because the business model offered to you has been tested in other centers and hence there is an enhanced possibility that you quickly become a profit generating entity. You will thus be able to expand your business with confidence and have the assurance of high returns on investment.

What is very crucial is that as a franchisee of a top company, you will get round the clock technical support and assistance for your installed family entertainment center equipment in Argentina, the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Israel or anywhere else on the planet.

So what are you waiting for? Get a family fun center franchise and see you dreams of becoming a top shot entrepreneur become a reality.

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