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Virtual Reality Games for A Thrilling Experience

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Before going into the world of virtual reality games, let us see what precisely Virtual Reality (VR) is. VR is a make-believe environment that does not exist but is induced through a combination of computer programmes and a VR handset. Players are given an experience, both mentally and physically, that replicates real-life situations. For example, you might be playing cricket or football or taking a roller-coaster ride without being anywhere near a playing field or exhibition grounds.

How do virtual reality games work? Three things are needed for a once in a lifetime experience. The first is an environment which is rich in detail and excitement that needs to be explored. This is done by an advanced computer model and simulated for a real-life scenario. The second is a powerful computer that can sense the motion of the players in real time and adjust the situation accordingly. The third is cutting-edge hardware that structures a setting that fully involves the players in the virtual world that they choose to be in. It is interesting as well as an exciting experience.

There are almost unlimited types of virtual reality games that you can get, ranging from racing to biking, roller coaster to baseball and cricket. You can choose to hone your goalkeeping skills in football or dribble past a host of defenders to score a stunning goal. Here are some of the best buy virtual reality games for you.

Walk the plankYou walk on a narrow plank, hundreds of feet above the ground to rescue a small kitten. VR technology brings in all the associated thrills of being at a height in an actual environment. A game that is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

F1 Racer – Test your driving mettle as you zip around the tracks in a FI racer at 200 mph. Real-life simulated motions can be a gut-wrenching experience as you twist and turn around the track, feeling the heat and the bumps. A must-ride for a racing enthusiast!

Finger CoasterYou can design the rollercoaster ride and add daredevil dives and thrills as per your liking. Then put on your headset and go through the crazy ride that you have designed. It is a multi-player game so bring your friends along.

Smaaash Labs offers some of the best buy virtual reality games that you can want. Their thrilling adrenaline-rushing VR games and machines are installed in some of the top amusement parks around the world. So fasten your seatbelts and get going.

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