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Virtual Reality Theme Park – One of a Kind Experience

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

The concept of virtual reality in amusement parks and theme parks is not new, they had been offering virtual reality experiences to their customers through scenic railways and slow moving roller coasters rides that simulated extrusions to faraway places by incorporating painted murals along the route. This was followed by dark rides which moved passengers in vehicles through indoor show buildings that displayed screens. As the technology advanced VR headsets came in and became all the rage. People used to play games using VR headsets and the theme parks found it fascinating. Many theme parks either incorporated a VR component into their existing rides or added new VR rides to their parks. Now you can find at least one virtual reality theme park in the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Mexico and almost every country.

What actually is a virtual reality

What actually is a virtual reality, let’s find out.

Virtual reality in the simplest form means experiencing things through the computer that don’t really exist. It is an interactive 3D computer created world that can be explored wearing a head-mounted display (HMD) commonly known as VR headset to make you feel you are there, both mentally and physically giving you one of a kind experience.

Types of Virtual Reality

  • Fully immersive

For the complete VR experience, 3 things are needed. First, a plausible, and richly detailed virtual world to explore; a computer model or simulation. Second, a powerful computer that can detect our motions and adjust the experience accordingly in real time. Third, hardware linked to the computer that fully immerses the individual in the virtual world as they roam around. Usually, people need to put on a head-mounted display (HMD) with two screens and stereo sound, and wear sensory gloves. Additionally, a room fitted with surround-sound speakers is needed where changing images are projected from outside.

  • Non-immersive

Highly realistic flight simulator especially if it uses a very wide screen, with headphones or surround sound, and a realistic joystick and other controls is non-immersive VR. Not everyone would want to be fully immersed in an alternative reality. The game creators build a detailed 3D model of a new building to show to clients that can be explored on a desktop computer by moving a mouse. This doesn’t take you back hundreds or thousands of years or create the sounds, smells, and tastes of prehistory, but gives a much richer experience than a few pastel drawings or an animated movie.

The VR amusement park rides are based on these two types offering people a real experience of the world they will never want to get in.

  • Get the VR Experience You Will Never Forget

Various virtual reality amusement parks have come up but Smaaash virtual reality theme park offers one of a kind of experience that you will never forget and will bring you back for more. Smaaash Labs one of the best international amusement park ride manufacturers creates VR, sports and simulation games with the latest technology offering you an immersive, evolved, interactive, and innovative experience.

At our virtual reality amusement parks, you can find various VR games which you’ve got to see to believe.

SMAAASH is the place to visit for a thrilling, immersive 360° experience and to get your adrenaline rushing. We have created something for every kind of entertainment and fun seeker. Fasten your seatbelts and get going.

Vertigo Walk the Plank

A VR game to let you experience the fear of heights as you walk on a narrow plank hundreds of feet above the ground to rescue a kitty. The VR technology combined with blowing air at high velocity creates an actual environment of one walking at that height. You get a cinematic experience. Gather all the courage to move forward steadily taking the kitty and returning back. Walk The Plank provides a very immersive Virtual reality experience.

Finger Coaster

Now experience the virtual reality in the most immersive manner with Finger Coaster – a virtual roller coaster ride at Smaaash virtual reality amusement park in America. Here you can design the thrilling coaster path all by yourself. In this multi player game you’ll experience the roller coaster ride as you add in the twists, and turns and dives with each crazier than the other. Then put on the VR headset and take a seat on the roller coaster to get on an insane ride you just designed. This is not for the faint-hearted.

Extreme Drone Racing

Get your drone racing via a remote control and VR headset and compete with other players to emerge as an ultimate winner. Achieve the maximum speed control over your drone using a thrust lever and a joystick for directional control. Don’t let the drone deviate from the path or you lose.

X1 Simulator

Thrill-seekers, line up now to bring out the F1 racer in you. At 200 mph you got to hold your nerve as the torqued steering wheel tests your driving mettle. Teamed with realistic racing simulation motions you’ll twist and turn in the life-size Formula 1 track. Fast turnaround time and 6 degrees of freedom simulator guarantee you a lifelike experience. So, put on your racing gear and drive around the tracks, feeling the heat and bumps. Ultimate simulator game that every theme park should have and every F1 enthusiast should experience.

Jurassic Escape

If you are fascinated by the dinosaurs, surely we have all the Jurassic World series you would want to experience – taking a jeep ride in the jungle amidst the dinosaurs. Experience it at a SMAAASH virtual reality theme park or it’s franchise. It’s not just about taking a ride through Jurassic Park, it’s about living it. Come along and see the dinosaurs like never before with Smaaash Labs awesome VR technology. Here you get an immersive experience of riding through the Jurassic Park with dinosaurs and other animals that will leave you stunned and amazed like never before. Experience all this through the VR headset matched with the perfectly matched simulations.

VR is something one doesn’t truly understand until they have tried it personally, so if you wish to experience the real fun in this virtual world visit our VR amusement park to play the VR games and experience VR amusement park rides.

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