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Emerging technologies such as AR and VR enable park designers to explore the idea of bringing consumer game experiences from home into immersive shared attractions found at theme parks!

The Theme park games made by SMAAASH Labs make them a perfect blend of modern technology with traditional theme park attractions!

Games like – Jurassic Escape, Finger Coaster, Haunted Hospital, Walk the Plank, Fly Max, Exterminator, HoopShot, Motojump etc. provide a world class theme park gaming experience for players as they create illusions of real pictures and makes the encounter fun!

We provide an unmatched experience of Theme Park games with Mixed Reality that lets one interact with both- real & artificial universe at once.

Jurasssic escape_2-player.png

Experience the dinosaur-era more than ever with the amazing VR technology.Here, you get a lifetime chance of riding through the Jurassic Park with dinosaurs and different creatures that will leave you astonished and

wanting for more!


Feel the thrill through the VR headset coordinated with the flawlessly coordinated recreations.


Ever wondered what it’s like to encountera roller coaster ride designed by you? Well, now it’s right here!

Draw the path and go crazy! Add as many twists and turn as your heart desires! The party doesn’t stop there! Hop onto this virtual reality theme park game and let the fun begin as you’re all set to experience the insane ride just designed!

Hoop Shot.png

HoopShot is a fully automated basketball game wherein the ball is hurled and the player has to go for the circle and SHOOT! It incorporates different dimensions as for the speed and recurrence of the balls and a loop that moves vertically just as on a level plane. 

HoopShot provides a fun background in a real existence like circumstance

of a free throw!

Become a paraglider and

leave the rest to us!

Sore through the skies in this

virtual reality theme park game where you fly above the trees,

across beautiful lakes while

controlling the glider as you wish! 

PNG Haunted Hospital.png

This is a virtual reality theme park game where a person indulges in the fear and psyche of the characters as they come alive to accompany around the Hospital. 
Imagine going around the walls of a haunted mental asylum all alone with a history of blood-curdling screams, torture and punishments!

Experience what it’s like to rescue a kitty when walking on a narrow plank 50-foot above the ground!  

This is a virtual reality theme park game where a person immerses in the mind blowing experience of braving the odds as they walk across a narrow plank with the fans blowing air- making it surreal!

Exterminator is virtual reality theme park shooting game in which the players must destroy the enemy shuttles and fight for survival. The Exterminator takes you to a universe of imagination with programmed automatic rifles; giving the ultimate experience of encounter with alien spaceships which must be destroyed!

Ever dreamt of driving around some noteworthy tracks? - MotoJump will promise you an exact experience. 
Put on your racing gear and ride off your bad dreams as you include rolls and insane turns! Team up with your partner and race your way through the amazing choice of tracks! 

Experience the best of virtual reality

fights with us!

Step up your best game and

choose the deadliest weapon

which can be used to ace the

craft of assault as you bring your adversaries down.

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